Extraction of fumes and steam in industrial kitchens

The air temperature can be high in professional kitchens such as those found in bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. Not only during the cooking stage, but also through the use of appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and display counters. This increase in air temperature is uncomfortable, unhealthy and makes work difficult, which is why this kind of kitchen needs to be provided with a ventilation and extraction system that can achieve the following objectives:

We install ventilation systems for industrial kitchens, buffets, dishwashing areas, air extractions.

We manufacture extraction hoods adapted to every location, as well as ducts. We calculate the necessary flow for correct aspiration and install the best possible fan, adapted to the specific needs of each installation.

We carry out a technical visit without obligation to advise you on your smoke and vapour extraction.

We make a visit without obligation to see how your kitchen’s extraction system can be adapted to maximise air flow, making improvements to design, aspiration and comfort levels.

Fume extraction for hotels, restaurants, food industry, buffets, schools, hospitals…


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