Custom-made stainless-steel furniture

Our vast experience in custom stainless-steel manufacturing means we can design and manufacture all kinds of furniture for the hospitality, industry and construction sectors – tailored to meet your needs. In our sheet-metal workshop we manufacture all kinds of custom-made stainless-steel furniture.

We have all the machinery necessary to carry out the entire production process when it comes to stainless-steel furniture.

Industrial kitchens for hotels, restaurants, caterers and communities, cafés and bars. 

Butcher shops, bakeries and workshops, fishmongers and greengrocers. 

Meat industries, canneries, fruit and vegetable plants, workshops, laboratories, etc.

Stainless steel furniture for clinical, veterinary, hospital and laboratory use

Construction companies, developers, property communities, decorators, engineering companies.

We have the necessary experience to design and manufacture all kinds of furniture for the hospitality and food industries, adapted to your needs.

We create furniture for kitchens, buffets, dishwashing areas, bars, dining rooms…

We are manufacturers


  • Furniture
  • Buffet tables
  • Countertops
  • Bench tables, centre tables with and without shelf
  • Run-in and run-out tables for dishwashers
  • Coffee-machine furniture
  • Cupboards
  • Suspended bottle racks
  • Countertops with sinks and water outlets
  • Floor and wall shelves
  • Tables with welded sinks
  • Counters for fishmongers, butcher shops, greengrocers, etc.
  • Custom work
  • Auxiliary furniture and functional furniture
  • Coatings and trims
  • Wall linings
  • Clean rooms
  • Tubs and sinks for cleaning of utensils