Industrial ventilation

Extivent industrial ventilation systems are designed to improve energy efficiency and provide optimum comfort for users and workers. They contribute to energy saving and create a more sustainable environment for everyone. Our products are designed to meet the needs of customers in all sectors, be it a small house, an industrial building or large spaces such as logistic centres, airports and stations.

These ventilation systems can also solve problems caused by particle concentration in the air, odours and humidity. We have a wide range of fans with different characteristics, to satisfy all our clients’ specific needs.

At Extivent we manufacture and install ventilation systems, from fans to ducts, to grilles…

They are suitable for all types of applications, adapted to your needs and comply with current regulations.

In architecture, air renewal inside a building by means of air extraction or injection is referred to as ventilation. The purpose of ventilation is:

Ventilation is designed studying the architectural characteristics as well as the use and needs of each space.

Types of ventilation